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So now, when parents bring in their child to see a pediatrician, they (and other close family contacts) may be offered a vaccine for themselves purportedly to protect their child. Well, the first glaring problem with this controversial practice is that no one knows whether it works! The AAP states in their reportii:

” … no studies have been conducted to determine whether postpartum vaccination or vaccination of other close family contacts with influenza vaccine reduces the incidence of influenza in their children.”

What IS known, however, is that the idea that a flu shot is all you need to stay healthy, or keep your infant healthy, is totally inaccurate, as was demonstrated in a recently published scientific study that found flu shots are less than 70 percent effectiveiii in preventing influenza — and this was in those who were directly vaccinated, not even trying to be protected by proxy.

Should Parents Get Cocooning Vaccines?.


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