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There is a reason that they can not find a drug to help lose weight. One does not exist that is the magic pill because obesity is brought on for different reasons but is directly related to poor nutrition and  your ignorance in your food choices. There is not going to be a drug that allows you to keep eating crap and be healthy.

The drug industry has been on a nearly 100-year search for a drug that can help the body shed pounds. They’ve mostly failed to come up with an effective one and many of their experiments have proven fatal to patients:

— Early attempts focused on speeding up metabolism to burn more calories. In the 1930s, doctors prescribed an industrial chemical called dinitrophenol, which accelerated metabolism, but also caused fever, swelling and deadly toxicity in some patients. The 1938 law establishing the Food and Drug Administration was a response to untested drugs like dinitrophenol.

— In the ’50s and ’60s, amphetamines became a popular because they boost metabolism and suppress appetite. But the pills proved to be highly addictive, and doctors discovered they increase blood pressure and heart rates. The amphetamine phentermine remains approved for short-term weight loss, usually less than 12 weeks, though it is seldom prescribed because of the potential for addiction.

— Perhaps the worst diet pill safety debacle came in the 1990s and involved the combination of phentermine and another weight loss drug marketed by Wyeth called fenfluramine. The combination of the two pills, dubbed fen-phen, was never approved by the FDA but more than 18 million prescriptions were written for it by the mid-90s.

Experts say deep, complex causes of obesity may be beyond reach of weight loss drugs – Yahoo! News.


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