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“Can I Substitute The New Meal Replacement Protein Mix For The Smart Mix, XM+ Or Smart Drink?”


The new meal replacement high protein mix is specifically profiled proprietary moringa, only available from Zija International, of the correct varietal blends of moringa oleifera, for maximum bioavailability of protein, and full amino acid sequencing benefit, of any such product in the category on the planet.

Additionally, the new Zija Meal Replacement Protein Mix is complimentary, but in no way a substitute for the nutritional benefits and functions of any other Zija beverage or Zija product combinations.

It is recommended that the Zija Meal Replacement Protein Mix be blended with milk or water.

The whey in the Zija Meal Replacement Protein Mix is NOT genetically modified, chemically altered, enzymatically dead, preserved, chemically stabilized, colloidally altered, hydrogenated, isolated, caseinated, acidified, or hydrolysated either, unlike the vast majority of other non-functional and very poorly absorbed protein offerings on the market.

Oh, yes, Zija’s Meal Replacement Protein Mix is also DELICIOUS as well as fully absorbable.

By DRINKING LIFE IN, ‘Life Unlimited’ is not only possible, but probable.


When can you use the new mix and who can use it?

Answer: Everyone may take the new mix with no adverse issues, and it’s for a full quick full meal replacement or a healthy in between meal snack!

~ Uncle Russ




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