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How junk food causes depression

And they have the nerve to call them “Happy” meals?!?!

You already know how fast food and other junk will expand your belly. But this crap will rot your brain from the inside out — leaving you sad and mopey. Junk food is also addictive, so you’ll be on a constant prowl for even more junk to make you even more sad and mopey.

It’s a vicious cycle, with a side of fries.

Now, a new study confirms that a life of junk will leave you battling the blues. Spanish researchers tracked nearly 9,000 people without depression at the start of the study. Six months later, however, 493 were diagnosed with the condition — and many of them were even taking meds for it.

What’d they have in common? An affinity for pizza and Ho-Hos (as if you couldn’t guess that one) — because the people who ate the most fast food and commercial baked goods had a 51 percent higher risk of depression, according to the study in Public Health Nutrition.

What’s more, the researchers found that even small amounts of this crap left people down in the dumps.

Now, I’m sure you know all about the Big Mac Blues: The feeling of regret and unhappiness you get after gorging on fast food or snack cakes (or both).

But this goes beyond that, because a diet rich in refined carbs — not to mention sugar — along with the unnatural vegetable-based trans fats used in snack foods can actually throw your brain chemistry dangerously out of whack.

In addition, each time you fill your belly with crap, you’re NOT eating the real foods your body needs — including the natural animal fats and B vitamins found in meats that are proven to help with mood and memory.

That’s why many cases of the run-of-the-mill blahs can be defeated by just eating better — and why you can avoid those blahs in the first place by just not eating junk at all.


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