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When using the intestines of pigs for your B12 what do you expect. The so called “energy drinks” are full of shit and will harm you in the long term. They have actually been banned in some countries and are in court in others for false marketing claims and health dangers.


Top energy drink delays ‘wound closure’: US study.


Comments on: "Top energy drink delays ‘wound closure’: US study" (2)

  1. This statement is misleading.

    This study was done on cell cultures!! No wounds on people were tested. This was “in vitro”…in a test tube or culture plate, etc.

    Good and experienced scientists know NOT to draw their in vitro test conclusions into living whole organisms (people).

    These culture cells might have delayed their ‘healing’ by just putting too much water on them!! Or by putting ZIJA on them.

    Passing on results of these studies in this manner is a deliberate method of influencing lay people…a method to frighten them.

    • Why did you attack the messenger? Scientists always have to start somewhere. You are the one that jumped to conclusions. Then you want to throw in a might have. The statement was meant to get you to read the article. It worked. THanks

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