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Can a Married Man Resist a Beautiful Woman?


 The more you trust, hug, give, appreciate, touch and bond with others, the more oxytocin is produced and the more easily it is produced thereafter. With oxytocin, the more you give, the more you get!

Can a Married Man Resist a Beautiful Woman?.


Pooch Hotel Has Gone to the Dogs

My place might not be as nice but I dont charge these rates either.

Three types of suites exist and range from $60 to $125 a night. The private sleeping quarters are made with solid walls and glass doors to create a private and relaxed living environment for the dogs.

Forget the Four Seasons. There’s a new hotel in town, and it has gone to the dogs. The Pooch Hotel in Los Angeles has been catering to canines for more than six months and offers day care and overnight stays. Pooch Hotel manager Sean Nolan…

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Zinc deficiency mechanism linked to aging, multiple diseases