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Why Moringa? You want healthy all natural? Eat the miracle tree!

Moringa oleifera, known for centuries by developing nations as an important nutritional supplement with a

variety of medicinal properties, has recently been made available as Zija™, the first commercially-promoted

Moringa oleifera-containing product sold in the U.S. Unlike other nutritional supplements, Zija provides very

low-calorie, quality protein dietary supplementation (containing 19 of the 20 most common amino acids).

In addition, Zija shows considerable promise as a lower-carbohydrate, lower-fat alternative to common

liquid dietary supplements, and may serve to reverse the effects of many nutrient-depleting prescription and

non-prescription drugs. With significant botanical and medical published research in both the academic

and scientific literature, and with substantial ongoing research from the international community, the

addition of Moringa oleifera into the daily diet shows considerable promise as an adjunct to improving health

in a variety of important ways.